Persuasive Speech On How To Write An Essay On Head Transplants

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Head transplant Head transplant is surgical operation in which a human head will be grafted on another body. Head transplant has been advancing it has moved from the animal to humans . It was first mentioned in the Late nineteenth century. Head transplant has been tested on several animals and is going to be used on humans. Dogs were the first type animal where head transplant operation was first performed. Vladimir P. Demikhov was the pioneer to perform first head transplant. Vladimir P. Demikhov a scientist from soviet union, who was successful at transplanting one dog’s head onto another. In 1959 he was successful at transplanting the dog’s head on the neck of another dog. Although the transplants died because of immune reactions . They both transplants died because of different immune system. In 1959 china claimed that they have succeeded at head transplant twice. It was the same year when…show more content…
Dr. Sergio Canavero an italian neurosurgeon had announced that he will conduct the first human head transplant. He announced that his first head transplant is going to take place in 2017. He announced that he will need a volunteer to do it for procedure. Dr. Sergio Canavero said that he performed on a mice already. Valery Spiridonov a man from russia has volunteered to get his head transplanted on to another’s body. Valery spiridonov suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease, which is a rare fatal genetic disorder that breaks down muscles and kills nerve cells in the brain spinal cord that help the body move. Valery Spiridonov sits on a wheel chair he cannot work or move his legs. He can hardly eat. Dr Sergio canavero stated that Valery Spiridonov is the perfect person for his operation. Valery Spiridonov stated that this is the best solution to his body. He can remove all the sick parts. Many scientist have spoken against Dr. Sergio
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