Persuasive Speech On Hunting

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So today i am going to talk about gun control that involves the controls on first i am going to talk about who the size of mags matter in the woods why does it matter.then i am going to talk about gun control in itself and what it means for hunters.then i am going to talk about the effects on Colorado in its recents gun control effects on their economy. And then i am going to talk about why you can’t just tack all the guns in this country away and it be ok. Ok so right now in the USA there's a big issue involving hunter and their guns and how many bullets they can have in a clip at one time. Ok so why does it matter how many bullets you have in the gun at one time while you are hunting. let's say that you are in the woods hunting wild hogs and you run up on a pack of hogs in the woods that are 20 strong and you only have 10 bullets in a clip so you start shooting and if you know anything about wild hogs that they do not die with only one shot if they are running it takes two to three shots to kill a big boar hog and in a pack of about there will be usually ten to fifteen bore in a group of that size and you threaten them they are going to charge you. I can atest to this because i hunt wild hogs and they are very mean so not to get of tangent you start shooting and they start to run at you you will probably get the first three but what about the other seven to twelve you have to reload and it is very prish time when they are charging you but if you had a thirty round clip you could get more of them and then just change clips out to save time and it is a lot safer to. So lets say “30-round magazines don’t have a place in the woods, but what about when they limit guns to 10 rounds? You are kidding yourself if you think they will stop there. As New York lawmakers just demonstrated, they won’t quit—10 rounds are too many for New Yorkers, and they are now limited to seven. What about when they go to five, or two, or none at all?”(“Why Gun Bans Affect Hunters.” ). Ok so if they keep on letting them just keep taking a little bit at at time then where will they stop. So if the people of the USA keep on “Allowing more gun laws to pass and it will be your semi-auto shotgun, your 10/22, and even your

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