Persuasive Speech On Immigration

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Persuasive Speech
Title: Should states be required to educate the children of illegal immigrants?
Speaker: Kevon Jones, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University student
Specific Purpose: To persuade and influence the beliefs of the audience concerning the educating of undocumented children.
I. Introduction/Attention
A. Attention getter: Since the beginning of time, The United States has been a nation of immigrants seeking freedom and better economic opportunities. According to Network Lobby, “History tells us that from the beginning immigration is beneficial to the country when we have a system that allows them to migrate freely and legally become a citizen of the United
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Eligible individuals must be age 35 or younger, hold a high school diploma or GED, and pass a criminal background check … Permanent residency may be offered to those who choose to complete two years of military service or two years of higher education. Early versions of the bill failed in 2001 and 2007…. As of 2016, the DREAM Act has not been passed.”
D. Our country is supposed to be one about opportunity, neglecting to provide an equal chance for these children to learn would contradict the notion that America is the land of opportunity.

(Internal summary: In addition, it does the country no good to prevent children from receiving their education because we are the future nurses, doctors, and teachers.)
(Transition: Now that you understand this need, let’s talk about immigrants paying taxes.) III. Satisfaction
A. Many American believe illegal immigrants don 't pay taxes. They say, why should we pay for the education of some immigrant child? We need to spend our tax dollars helping our own children.
B. According to The Washington Post, “It’s a myth that people who are undocumented don’t pay taxes,” said Cathryn Ann Paul, as she helped immigrants fill out tax forms at CASA de Maryland, a nonprofit group in Langley Park.… Federal law
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