Persuasive Speech On Karate Knife

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Opening shot, various fast cuts of karate moves. Logo “Rokdojo” Title “Tips on Choosing the Karate Gi and Belt, and How To Tie Your Belt” Greeting Welcome to Rokdojo Karate, the traditional Okinawan Goju ryu karate studio. This time I would like to share some tips on choosing the karate-gi and belt, and how to tie a belt. Title: “Choosing the karate-gi” Despite in the US and maybe in some other countries certain karate studios have their practitioners wearing black or colored karate-gi, the traditional karate-gi is in white color. When it comes to choose a good karate-gi, try to choose 100% cotton fabric. Cotton absorbs the excessive sweat better than polyester. There are regular canvas and brushed canvas, the brushed canvas has…show more content…
On the cost factor, some good authentic brands cost up to $500.00 for the jacket and pants, or even more. Not necessarily, the lower cost of gis are not as good as the prestigious brands. There are some local brands from local vendors offer a comparable quality without making a big hole in your wallet. Furthermore, wearing the most prestigious brand of gi does not automatically represent a great karate-ka, continuous practices do. In conclusion: my ideal karate-gi is: 12 ounces and up; short jacket for daily practice and kumite; longer jacket for kata performance; 100% cotton; multiple reinforced stitchings; Title: “Choosing the belt” Title: “How To Tie The Belt” It is very common that many karate practitioners still struggling on how to tie the belt properly. Before I start, there are some suggestions about the belt. In this particular case, the thick black belt. Although, in the common practices that the belt never been washed since its first day. At least, that is my experience for years. But, I suggest to wash the new black belt several times, hammer the belt with a mallet, before the first use. Some practitioners even brush the belt, to make it looked old, worn and torn. Anyway, the procedure helps the belt becomes softer and easier to tie. The color belts available in the market are very rare to have the same thickness as the black belt, The valid argument says that we don’t hold the color belt

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