Persuasive Speech On Life In Our Life

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Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. It appears that you have taken one step closer to death. Death is all around us; the air we breathe every day, hour, minute, second is crucial to our survival. However, air can be seen as a double edge sword. Air, is what is keeping us alive, for if we stopped breathing, we would die of suffocation. On the other hand, the longer we breathe, the closer we are towards death. In this sense, a burning what if question has been on my mind: what if the air we are breathing is a poison that is slowly killing us? Think about that. If this were to be true? What have you done...or plan to do that makes breathing this poisonous air worthy?
Many people today waste much of their life doing useless things. They do not realize that each breath they spend on the couch or dreaming of things they could do, they are wasting their opportunity to really do something. Let me break this down for you. Life expectancy for a typically American is about 79 years or 948 months. Of those 79 years, 1/3 of the time is spent sleeping, leaving us with about 632 months. After taking into consideration factors such as eating, using the restroom, and browsing the internet, we are left with roughly 19 years to live. 19 years may seem like a lot, but that is only about 24% of your life that is actually in your hands. After finding out these surprising stats, I began to rethink my life. I looked a little closer around the community I grew up in and realized that there was a huge need within my community.
I first began to get involved within my community eighth-grade year through the Community Thanksgiving Meal. At first, I did not realize that all the people coming in for a meal or the places that needed a delivery was all just right within my community. As the years went by, I slowly became more and more involved. I started from only coming in on Thanksgiving Day to help to being there every step of the way. I remember volunteering to coordinate a clothing drive last year to give clothes to those in need during the Thanksgiving Meal. At the end of that Thanksgiving Day, a lady comes up to me and asks if she could grab a few extra items. The lady had on a thin coat and I immediately knew that she needed help. I ran and
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