Persuasive Speech On Medical Professionals

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Tutorial One In this tutorial my group was arguing that medical professionals were the best people to decide whether to share or withhold information on patients. The basis of our argument was that the doctors knew what was best and they were trying to maintain a social order. At the time, society saw the husband as the head of the family and therefore, even in matters concerning the wife or children, he was the patient. We used Dr Fournier as an example because he believed that the husband was his patient and all matters should be dealt with through him. He believed in respecting the authority the husband had. The other group was arguing that medical professionals are not the best people to decide whether to withhold or share information.…show more content…
This way of thinking made it harder for women to become lawyers and clergy because it was not seen as a natural extension of her sphere. The negative was arguing that becoming a doctor, was a natural extension of a woman’s sphere. This is because, a lot of women were already practicing as medical carers for their family. They held a lot of knowledge surrounding the body but they were not allowed to call it a profession. It was also argued that women had huge potential to be able to care for female related health such as maternity and child birthing. This was seen as one area of health that women doctors could actually be more skilled in than men. Women might confined in a female doctor than they would a male doctor and this would allow thme to receive better care. Tutorial Three The debate in this tutorial was focused on alternative medicine and whether it did more good in the nineteenth century than regular medicine. The affirmative argued that alternative method gave the patient more power to treat themselves. It was quicker and cheaper to get alternative medicine and many of the methods people could practice in their own home. This was particularly important for women because, due to lack of female doctors, they might feel more comfortable treating themselves than having to reveal private information to a male doctor. They argued that alternative medicine was safer because if something went wrong, it was less dangerous than if something in mainstream

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