Persuasive Speech On Organ Donation

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She prays impatiently in the emergency room to hear if her baby girl will survive or not. The doctor opens the door and walks with his head down toward the lady. She drops to her knees in disbelief. She opens her mouth to speak, but only silent cries escape. The doctor soothers her and discusses the possibility of organ donation. She looks up in hope. Still nothing comes from her mouth, but she nods to show the doctor she understands. In another section of the waiting room, a family waits for the news of a transplant for their boy. They pray their little boy will come out healthy with a new heart. A doctor enters the room, and the family stares at him, waiting for answers. The doctor walks more confidently, greeting the hopeful family. The family hugs the doctor as they smile with relief. A medical team takes their son out of the room for immediate transplant surgery. The gift of life in organ donation saves thousands of lives and impacts many more.
Because organ donation gives people a second chance at life, organ donors have an impact on a recipient that lasts them the reminder of their lives. Without even knowing it, people can save the lives of many. The organs of one person can grant the gift of life up to fifty people with one organ and their tissue (Senk, 2004). Due to the anonymity of organ donation, donors will not have the chance to see how the people who receive the organs live out the rest of their life. However, the family of the donor will have a sense of
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