Persuasive Speech On Podcasting

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So you’ve got your very own podcast. You’ve invested in the appropriate equipment, spent hours planning, recording, summarising, editing episodes, and even understood the art of interviewing guests. Certainly, you’ve occupied the hearts and ears of staunch listeners, who are completely and perfectly devoted. So give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve previously given your listeners so much, even if it’s entertainment, knowledge, or commonly a voice they can result on. Now it’s time to profit yourself. If you want to make money from podcasting, there’s good news: Long gone are the days when podcasters awaited completely on ads for money. Present-day, anyone with a podcast and a perception has the ability to convert their craft into a viable…show more content…
Source: Furthermore, it’s important to understand that affiliate programs are very different from sponsorships. Almost anyone can join an affiliate program, but sponsorships are much harder to land. If you’re considering joining an affiliate program, remember this, Only promote what you believe in When you endorse a product, you’re attaching your reputation to it, so really think about whether or not your listeners will benefit from what you’re promoting. Your listeners come first when it comes to monetizing your podcast. If what you endorse isn’t relevant to your listeners, it’s not worth the commission that you may or may not earn. Networking Want to get high profile guest interviews for your podcast? Don’t be afraid to tap into your existing network, attend meetups related to the subject of your podcast, cold email potential guests, directly message potential guests on social media, or add an interview application form to your contact page. Also, when looking for guests to interview, don’t only focus on their status. Think about your business, try to interview like-minded people who’d be interested in collaborating. Products And
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