Persuasive Speech On Pranks

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Pranks are made to illicit laughter and fun. However, in doing some pranks, you should ensure that you have the right person as the victim (no health conditions such as heart problems, and not someone who is hot-tempered), right time (timing is very important in any pranks because it makes it more real and believable), and right prank tactic (the prank that you will do should be in connection to the person you are pranking with so that it will be more realistic and a note-worthy experience).
There are many pranks that you can do, and one usual prank that is easy to pull off is a prank call. However, you need the best prank call ideas in order to ace it right. Here are top 20 funny prank call ideas that will surely crack you and your victim.
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Have someone call your friend and say that he was scouted to be a part of a TV or movie show. If he says that he did not audition for anything, simply say that he was scouted and you think that he has some potentials. You can add some workshop schedules to make it ‘more real’, and this will also build his interest. If your friend is that type of a fame-whore person, then definitely he will go and grab the opportunity of being a part of this supposed to be TV or movie project, and you will definitely be his number 1 fan! Oh boy.
4) Telemarketing prank call. Basically one of the funniest way to prank call someone. You call your victim and introduce a thing that you are selling. But this thing should not be ordinary items, it is best if you think of something unusual that will spike up their interests. When you call, you can say, “Will you be interested to buy a person-slapping textbook? The automation power of the book will ask you questions and slap your stupid face for not being able to answer even simple
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Call McDonalds or any other American fast food chains and order some Chinese or Japanese food. If they said that they do not have those food in their menu. You can throw a fit and scold them for not including those things on their list. You can also add that they should be able to cater to your needs because you are their customer and you have been patronizing them for several decades now. If they will not be able to deliver your order now, then they will lose you as their customer and you will also tell your friends and other people not to buy from them anymore because service is no good at

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