Persuasive Speech On Puppy Farms

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Why pay hundreds on buying a dog, then spending a little to adopt one? Thousands of dogs die from puppy mills die each year, while they suffer through the harsh environment that puppy mills give. At the same time, others are waiting to become a new member of the family by adoption. Three main reasons why you should adopt dogs are, you can give them a second chance, stop puppy mills, and you can start the dog out healthy. Everyone wants a second chance. Giving second chances maybe the highlight of their new life! Many have been abused, hurt, or just dumped off on the road. However, you can give the dogs a second chance by giving them a new family and adopting them. Give them the love that they truly deserve. “Every animal that you adopt is a life saved,”(Kowalski) says Bethany Meissner, of the Washington Humane Society. In puppy mills, conditions are truly horrifying, from being crammed into a cage with three or four dogs to not getting any room to jump, play, or run. Some never actually felt the grass on their paws or even chased a squirrel. By not buying a dog at a store and adopting them and giving them a second chance, you can help not support puppy mills and what they stand by. Puppy mills get their money by selling online or to store, so why not help a life and give a dog a second chance by adopting at your local humane society. While the bills roll in from puppy mills, dogs rollout dead. About 3.9 million of dogs go into mills each year, while a whopping 1.2 million

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