Persuasive Speech On Puppy Mills

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Laura Hauck
Comm 101 Section 3
Paper 1
Self-Critique Of My Persuasive Speech I will be critiquing my persuasive speech on puppy mills. The issue of puppy mills is one that is very important to me, and I was very dedicated to my speech. My speech informed the audience of the detrimental effects that puppy mills have on dogs, possible solutions to the problem, and how the audience could help. My persuasive goal was to try and convince the audience to help put a stop to the issue of puppy mills by adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization, or contacting their local legislature about the issue. My speech had assets and drawbacks which were apparent in my content and delivery. My strengths included my PowerPoint, the emotional appeal, and the commitment to my topic. My weaknesses were the length of my speech, maintaining eye contact, and my verbal delivery. However, these can be amended using several easy methods, such as timing myself while I practice, writing notes on my cards to remind me to keep eye contact, and practicing more in general. The most vital aspect of my speech was that it exhibited strong features. The strengths in my speech were very beneficial to the overall effect that my speech had on my audience. My presentation, emotional appeal, and topic commitment were the ones that I feel were the most obvious and important. Firstly, I feel that my PowerPoint was very vital in driving home the point that I was trying to get across to the audience.…

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