Persuasive Speech On Same Sex Marriage

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Homosexual marriage is blasphemous

Same sex marriage will never be justifiable as it contradicts to moral law. Marriage has dependably been an immense piece of human connections. It is a sacred vow between a man and a woman, the bonding of two individuals together for emotional support, moral support as well as the rearing of children. Most of society looks at marriage as a holy union of just one man and one woman. But as of today many couple have been married in same sex, and many people also accept it. Yes, you have your freewill to love others but believe it or not we cannot change the fact that man is for a woman only. Same sex marriage is immoral and it is not like accepting homosexual marriage can cause positive impact in our country therefore same sex
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It is not even written in the holy bible that either both man or woman can marry so we don’t have any reason to legalize it. Legalizing same sex marriage will start the corruption of the minds of the people specially the children, if they will not show the proper values and principle of marriage to the young generation who else will? If we will allow same sex marriage illegal endorsement the level of promiscuity, mental health, monogamy, HIV/ AIDS will increase due to the risky behavior of the homosexual couples.
Before we can understand same-sex marriage, there are 2 things that we must understand. First is, that God created humans in his own image. In Genesis 1:27 it is stated, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them…” When God created the living creatures, he only spoke his command before it appeared before him. However, when God created mankind, he created us through his own image. This shows that human kind is special towards God, as he personally molded humans to suit his image. Second, God
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