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A healthy, delicious, lunch is what many schools strive for, however many don’t follow suit in the best way possible. I am writing to you, Mr. Dawson, to address the fact that Ronald E. McNair High School fails to provide their students with wholesome meals. As you may know, the Lodi Unified School District has food services that “promotes and brings attention to our freshly prepared school meals made from California grown products” (School Nutrition And Fitness). To promote even “healthier” eating, McNair actively participates in the USDA case study, inviting mobile carts to bring lunch closer to the students (School Nutrition And Fitness). Even with additional efforts put forth, students still find the lunches unappetizing (due to low-grade food quality) and prefer to eat other alternatives.

According to Alice Waters and Katrina Heron, authors of “No lunch left behind” an article published in The New York Times on February 19, 2009, the National School Lunch Program is a poor investment. The authors informed the public that of $9 billion, very little actually goes into the food. They demand fresh alternatives provided by local farmers and refine school equipment, to instead prepare fresh nutritious meals for the school. Although we may produce some meals at the school, there are still ways to improve the equipment to better serve the students. Education about sensible eating is also recommended, as it will teach students a nourishing lifestyle outside of school. With a well-constructed plan that upgrades the quality of the food and food education, it will surely make our school healthier!

Waters and Heron do have a point. Creating our own fresh lunches at the school have perks, but what about food options? A better idea would be to advance on vegetarian options that cater more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, soy foods, and more dairy products. Creating new and exciting options will attract more students to lunch and they may even start to find the lunch appetizing. On September 14, 2017, an ERWC class taught by Edward Cruz conducted an eleven question survey about eating habits and preferences at McNair. The survey questioned the appeal of school lunches and found that only 31% of students found the

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