Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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Have you ever had to wear a school uniform? Did you you love it, or hate it? I’m here today to explain my stance on school uniforms. I believe that having a school uniform would be a good thing for multiple reasons. The first being how it would completely and utterly eradicate the issue of dress code. The next reason is how it would be able to create a more focused learning environment by eliminating clothing distractions. The most important reason in my mind however, is how it could drastically increase student safety at school. Now I will go a bit more in depth as I explain these reasons…
As aforementioned, uniforms are very beneficial for a multitude of reasons. The first being how dress code issues are completely eliminated through uniforms. I mean, even here uniforms and dress code issues have been brought up a ton! I was in honors civics last trimester and we had to do an issue project about problems at this school, and how we could fix it. We had to present these things in front of Mr.Farley and a couple school administrators. Something that was majorly brought up was dress code, and how unfair it is between the genders. Think about that! Even here dress code is a big problem, and if it’s an issue here, then imagine how bad it must be at some other schools.
Another big benefit to having a school uniform is the increase of student safety in multiple things. The first, is the reduction of bullying. This happens at schools with mandatory uniforms because it gives bullies less ammunition. Bullies have less ammunition because social status and wealth are not visible to other students because everyone is wearing the same thing. Another thing more broad than bullying is physical student safety. For example, at a K-8 school system in Long Beach,CA enforced a two year mandatory uniform policy and the results were staggering. Assault reports dropped by 34%. Sex offences got cut by a whopping 74%! Fighting incidents decreased by 51%, and vandalism dropped by 18%. It is crazy to me how much things can improve in just two short years by having kids wear uniforms. One more thing, is that it makes it a lot easier to identify trespassers. I mean think of all the school shootings that have
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