Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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President Bill Clinton promoted dress codes in his annual State of the Union address, the burgeoning uniform movement received a huge boost. (Update: School Uniforms) After the speech, demand for uniforms slowly increased. School uniforms should be required in all American schools. School uniforms would reduce crimes and violence on school property, improve student behavior, and improve students’ academic performances. These days, a lot of schools throughout the United States are requiring uniforms to be worn, many schools are seeing a big difference in the student’s behavior. Some schools say that school uniforms help them tell the difference between their students and an outsider doesn’t belong on school grounds. Uniforms will also prevent gangs from joining together during school hours. School uniforms would help reduce crime and violence on the school property. School violence in all its harmful forms has potentially serious short-term and long-term effects on the individual student, the school as a whole, and the society. (Schier, 24) In the 1950’s, violence at school became commoner especially violence associated with gangs. (Davidson, 9) From the 1950’s through the 1970’s the number of crimes committed by teens at schools significantly increased. (Davidson, 9) School officials argued with the court that student’s loose-fitting clothing could be used to hide guns and other weapons. (“Update: School Uniforms”) With school uniforms, students wouldn’t be wearing baggy clothing, which would reduce weapons coming into the school. In 1995, Long Beach School District required uniforms for all students in kindergarten through eighth grade. (Konheim-Kalkstein, “A Uniform Look”) The Long Beach School District in California was the first largest urban school district to require uniforms. (Konheim-Kalkstein, “A Uniform Look”) Five years later, they said the overall crime in the school district dropped down by ninety-nine percent. (Konheim-Kalkstein, “A Uniform Look”) In urban schools, fashion trends are often characterized by gang-related clothing. School Uniforms can diminish gangs. (Konheim-Kalkstein, “A Uniform Look”) Diminishing gangs would reduce violence. After introducing uniforms, the Birmingham, Alabama
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