Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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Uniformity Growing up can often be hard. In a day and age where bullying is easier and more dangerous than it has ever been, school can be rough. A financial background can affect the social development of our youth. Most kids want the newest shoes and the hottest clothes on the market. Sadly, not every child is afforded the luxury of nice things. Forcing ourselves to wake up extra early to pick out clothes that are flattering to our figures can be a stressful start to any morning. Girls and boys alike, often care more about what others may think of them than they do their own thoughts. While the focus is being placed on what one another wore to school, the true importance is being lost. School uniforms should be mandatory for all children, to alleviate stress, decrease bullying, and place the focus back on education. Like every morning during the week, that stupid alarm clock is going off. Mom and dad are telling us to get up or we are going to be late. Clothes still need to be picked out for the day and we have no idea what we are going to wear. It is a never-ending vicious cycle that school-aged children generally face. Most of us do not like starting our days off with stress as soon as we open our eyes. Not a lot of pleasure is obtained when frantically putting together nice clean outfits every single morning. The Morning Call puts it like this “Parents and students, don't knock the idea. Wearing a uniform is one of the things that helps school become a little less stressful” (par 1). In combination with stress, bullying is at an all-time high. Technology has given children the opportunity to berate, make fun of, and abuse each other at any given moment. Most of us have faced bullying in one form or another; it’s is no fun at all. Unfortunately, what our kids are wearing to school is a good start to the torture. He or she has on last years shoes, those jeans they are wearing are ugly, OMG that shirt. The rat race we call fashion is pure torture some children can never win. Berkman wrote in the New York Post “In our dangerously materialistic world, where teen-agers can be killed for their overpriced Nikes, uniforms also function as a great equalizer, leveling the playing
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