Persuasive Speech On School Uniforms

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Superintendent Crouse, School Board Members, and Administrators of Loveland High School, thank you for all you have done for this wonderful school and its students. We are deeply appreciative of all you’ve sacrificed to ensure that we receive a good, solid education and have fun while doing so. But, there is one thing that could possibly make this school better; school uniforms. I don’t mean to propose something that could potentially be very expensive or uncomfortable for the students; I mean to suggest an idea that could potentially improve the image of the school in its surrounding community and in the students’ minds. I don’t intend to come off as rude or blunt; this is not an insidious undertaking. I just wish to inform you of the possibility of something that could mean good things for your students.
School dress codes have always been a center of controversy, with uniforms being at its core. Uniforms are a simple way to control how your students look and how they’re perceived by the surrounding community. They also boost the students’ self-esteem and confidence. Nobody has to worry about wearing the latest trend or how they look in the eyes of their peers. Uniforms equalize the playing field for every student. Furthermore, uniforms help those who struggle to get out of bed on time. Wearing the same thing everyday results in a smaller amount of time it takes to get dressed. You can roll out of bed, throw it on, and be ready to go. Due to wearing the same thing everyday, a school-wide sense of unity is felt. Wearing your school colors everyday creates some unity and spirit, which results in students feeling like they belong in their school. Schools acquire a sense of identity as their students are united together, with uniforms creating alliance and harmony. Uniforms make upholding the dress code system so much easier and they prepare students for the future. When you are held to a certain standard for a period of time, you use that outside of school. Uniforms show you what is appropriate in a professional and an academic environment. It’s important to understand when to dress smartly because, in fact, it greatly impacts the future of a student and how they’re accepted by future employers.
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