Persuasive Speech On Social Service

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Topic: Every young worker should belong to a social service organization
Specific Purpose: Motivate and convince my audience to be part of an organization in favor of social service
Central Idea: promote the experience that can be acquired in this type of activities in addition to the benefit to society

I. The Attention Step
A. Attention Getter/Relevancy Statement
“One stormy night, many years ago, a senior couple entered the reception of a small hotel in Philadelphia. They approached the counter and asked: -"Can you give us a room?" The employee, an attentive and quick-moving man, told them: "I am really sorry, but today there are three simultaneous conventions in the city, all our rooms and those of the other nearby
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The Need Step
A. University social service
It is called university social service activities carried out by students who have begun the study of a degree (including medical careers or some engineering) for the benefit of the community, and that at the same time are part of their professional and civic training, as established by UNESCO.
1. The retribution to society practically refers to the fact that the student does not receive any payment for applying their knowledge in a specific area or in activities for which they have acquired precise skills.
2. Although it is true that it is an essential requirement to perform a social service to obtain a university degree, however, the way in which it is recommended to see the social service is to take advantage of that commitment to learn and live the work dynamics of the profession with which your academic preparation is related and you know personally the benefits and needs of the sector to which the Company, institution or organization where you are doing the social service activity
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In accordance with the Ideology and the Mission of the IBERO: “The Social Service contributes in the integral formation of the student, providing an academic space where the student puts in practice his professional knowledge for the solution of social problems, in collaboration with institutions and organizations of civil society.”
In this way, in the practice of their social service, the student finds the opportunity both to recognize the social projection of their career, and to develop an attitude of social and human responsibility

III. The Satisfaction Step

A. Benefits of social service
These are some of the benefits, but undoubtedly the greatest benefit that you find to your social service will depend on your enthusiasm and initiative to make a contribution with your knowledge and skills, as well as having the willingness to learn.
1. You have the opportunity to propose solutions to current needs in our country.
2. You know people who in the long run will be convenient contacts at any time of life.
3. You learn to manage your time thanks to the fact that the service is carried out with very few hours a day.
4. When doing social service you gain experience
5. The satisfaction of serving your neighbor, which without a doubt will be the biggest and best advantage you can get by belonging to a social service
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