Persuasive Speech On Standardized Testing

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Standardized Tests

General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that students should not be scrutinized under Standardized Testing
Proposition: Scrutinizing students under Standardized Testing has not worked and does not work.
Organizational Pattern: Problem-Cause-Solution Order
Visual Aid: I may use a video on YouTube documenting experts’ knowledge on the subject


I. Throughout the many years of the educational process, students are often met with different challenges that will test abilities and skills related to cognitive status and learning. The United States places much importance on education for children and young adults to move forward in order to ensure continued prosperity of the nation
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Your kids are still being scrutinized under this law. Scores are a noble idea and progress should be valued, but is the United States going about this achievement the right way?
IV. Growing up in an education system that implemented Standardized Testing, I saw many bright young students who were not able to succeed to the fullest given their background or situation. Progress and success was measured mainly with letter grades and test scores, with a culmination of Standardized Testing.
V. Scrutinizing students under Standardized Testing has not worked and does not work. Today, we will discuss 3 reasons why Standardized Testing does not work. First, we will discuss problems with Standardized Testing. Second, we will look at the effects of this system, and finally, we’ll discuss a viable solution to better accommodate all students and their needs.
TRANSITION: Now that we are aware of what we are going to cover, let’s first look at some of the problems with Standardized Testing.
BODY: Problem, Cause, Solution

I. Proponents of Standardized Testing stress the importance of a system that is reliable and equal and will not discriminate due to the fact that the test is the same for every student regardless of class or race. A. A three year study done by Boston College found that “tests profoundly shape what teachers teach because of the enormous pressure to improve students ' test

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