Persuasive Speech On Teen Suicide

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How would you feel if your sibling or child committed suicide, and you didn't see it coming? Parents should pay more attention to their child's behavior,or change of personality ;and look for immediate help. More professional help like psychologist should be available at any time. As well as, having any kind of support facility or prevention group. Teenage suicide percentage in America is increasing, and it’s the third leading cause of death for teenagers. But not much help is being offered for these teens. Most teenage suicide happens for any kind of bullying in social media or school. There should be more control, and ways to handle these kinds of situation. To conclude, there is a lot more, to this major problem. Teen suicide has been…show more content…
Such as, school education programs, crisis center hotlines,and screening programs. School education programs is designed to make depressional and suicidal students communicate, connect, and socialize by sharing their thoughts of suicide. “LEADS is intended for students in grades 9-12 and creates opportunities for conversations within the classroom around suicide and depression and the stigma surrounding suicide” this was said by Save.When you call Crisis Center Hotlines they will help you with any kind of emergent crisis, and a trained counselor that will assist you throughout your problem. “Mission is to provide immediate assistance to individuals in suicidal crisis by connecting them to the nearest available suicide prevention and mental health service provider through a toll-free telephone number” this was said by American Psychological Association. Also Screening programs are very helpful, their most important goal is to support and help the teenagers with their mental health. “Program is a community-based mental health screening program for young people that accurately identifies youth who are suffering from mental illness or are at risk of suicide” this was said by American Psychological Association. These interactive ways help the teens more by overcoming their problem, because this way they learn self

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