Persuasive Speech On Testing On Animals

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Ignorance, it’s is the lack of knowledge or information. Many say its bliss, right? That what we don’t know can’t hurt us. But this ignorance is killing millions yearly. Doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an animal, they both have the same worth, but people forget this. They call it medical research, they get away with murder. Every morning after we wake up we go through the same routine, eat, brush our teeth, shower and so on, what if I told you that most of everything you probably use daily is tested on animals. Would you believe me? The shampoo you use, like head and shoulders, tresemmé, Pantene and so many more are tested on animals. The face or body wash you use are tested on animals, ones like Garnier, clean and clear and Olay. Even toothpaste like Colgate is. This is the cruel reality, so many everyday products are torturing animals daily, killing millions off yearly. Though we are ignoring the problem, try to convince ourselves its better then testing on humans or simple we don’t think about how they test their product. This only makes the problem worse, companies continue to test on animals the more people buy their products This is the reality, this is what people try to forget. Imagine you were locked away in a cage or a dark room for the rest of your life, now imagine how you would feeling. Alone? Hungry? In pain? This is some people’s worst nightmare, though they think it’s okay to make animals go through what they would say is what they fear most. Some animals
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