Persuasive Speech On The Atlanta Beltline

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1. A nice, beautiful day on the Atlanta beltline, in a matter of minutes turns into a slew of cuss words and a feeling of powerlessness. (ATTENTION GETTER) A. My friend experienced something very personal that day. She later on shared it with social media, which made me want to find out more because this not the first time I have heard of something like this happening and I can definitely relate. (MOTIVATION) B. Just minutes after he had been yelling sexual phrases at her, he took it upon himself to grab her behind. A complete stranger on the street that is. He then rides away on his bike with laughter, leaving her with a bunch of emotions that so many others can relate to around this world. (THESIS STATEMENT)
2. A stat from
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Not only that but according to research done on college campuses in urban, suburban and rural U.S, was found to exist exist in spaces of higher education, which I will reveal more information about. (PREVIEW OF MAIN POINT)
5. I will also hit on one of the major areas in the United States that it is prevalent. (PREVIEW OF MAIN IDEA)
(Transition: Let’s start by taking a closer look at where we are now in the United States)
1. Street harassment is very prevalent in the United States. (MAIN IDEA) A. A survey took from a national street harassment report (Stats from Stop Street in the USA reveals that 65% of all women had experienced street harassment. Among women, 23% had been sexually touched, 20% had been followed, and 9% had been forced to do something sexual. Among men, 25% had been street harassed (a higher percentage of LGBT-identified men than heterosexual men reported this) and their most common form of harassment was homophobic or transphobic slurs (9%). (STATISTIC) (VERBALLY CITED SOURCE)

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Buzzfeed also reveals a study that took place in the suburbs of Paris, in which 100% of women say that they have been harassed on public transportation. (STATISTIC) 1. Marie Kirschen from Buzzfeed writes,” Some men, called “frotteurs” (as in “frotter”, to rub), take advantage of the crowded subway cars or buses to touch themselves or rub themselves against women.” (VERBALLY CITED SOURCE) 2. Marie also explains that unfortunately, street harassment is very common in France. Catcalls can easily turn into insults but they are seen by a lot of people and are some kind of compliment that women should be happy about.
(Transition : All of this leads me to my conclusion)
1. Street harassment is prevalent in the United States, especially amongst college campuses. (REVIEW MAIN IDEA)
2. New York City is one of the major areas that has also took a step on bringing awareness through the media. (REVIEW MAIN IDEA)
3. The rest of the world is speaking up about it and telling their experiences such as Paris and Australia. (REVIEW MAIN IDEA)
(Closing point: My friend is definitely not alone and street harassment has not only affected her but it has been affecting our colleagues as well as those on the other side of the world. This issue is much bigger than a social media post.) (THESIS STATEMENT
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