Persuasive Speech On The Duck

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I have a superstition, or phobia, called Anatidaephobia. In other words, it’s the fear a duck is always watching you. To most, this may seem like a joke, or some sort of satirical story, but it is no laughing matter. The duck starts as a funny prank that is being played on you, or maybe just part of your imagination. You see it in your dreams; in the background, behind the action. It just sits there, watching. You don’t notice it until you start looking. At that point, you can’t make it go away. It’s funny at first, that your brain would do this. After all, why would you see a duck. Soon a realization comes that it isn’t going away. It just sits there, plotting something, in your mind, the mind you deemed safe. You begin to loath sleep for…show more content…
Faint at first, but growing louder. Where is it from, what is it. Your mind begins to search as you reenter the world of the psychiatrist. You recognize that sound. It’s the same noise the ducks made on that trip to the farm in sixth grade, but why is it here? What has this come to. Your vision pans to the center of the room, where your doctor sits, going over a report about your mental health. His face is blocked by something. A hat? A cap? You ask your doctor to look up, and as he does, you see his true identity. His face is green, with black round eyes. A yellow bill faces you, and you let out a shriek of…show more content…
Your time has come. It’s moving toward you. It quacks loudly as if asking you something, but you know its true intentions. It’s you or the duck, though you’re not sure who. There’s no time to find out. You grab a pencil and stab it. It quacks in agony and steps back. You run to get a more suitable weapon as the duck waddles to the phone. It’s calling for reinforcements. You find a knife. IT WON’T MAKE IT OUT OF THIS ALIVE! The duck runs, but you’re faster. You get it right in the back, then finish the job. It’s body lays on the ground, and you cack a faint smile. You begin to leave, but realize a problem. You left the oven

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