Persuasive Speech On Veg Food

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Vegetarians have a limited choice when it comes to food, but they are satisfied with it and enjoy it thoroughly; the moment you take a vegetarian friend to a restaurant and eat non-veg, you know how the reaction would be, LOL. But today, what we are going to discuss is capable of giving vegetarians a heart attack. How often have you visited a VEG RESTAURANT and ordered manchow soup or naan or a salad and thought that you are having vegetarian food?

What if you were told that some foods you are having regularly are not even Vegetarian? Shocked? Yes, this is true. Have a look at the list of veg foods that are actually non-veg.

1. Manchow soup

I am sure you all must be relishing manchow soup, isn’t it? When we go to restaurants we get it in 2 options, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. How would you react if we say that the veg version is not pure veg? Let us tell you that some Manchow soups contain fish sauce i.e. Tom Yum Sauce. This doesn’t mean that all restaurants do so; some of them serve you pure veg too; but it’s better to check it out next time you order it.
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Even Jains eat Naan because they consider it to be pure veg. But the shocking thing is that some restaurants use eggs while kneading the naan dough, so as to make it soft and increase elasticity. People love to eat naans with their favorite sabzis; but if it contains eggs, it’s better to opt for chapattis, right?

3. White
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