Persuasive Speech On Veterans

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Today, we stand as proud Americans, and use our free speech as a weapon, the government is concerned about gay marriage, abortion, and many other issues. Another issue that is usually neglected is that many of our beloved veterans are homeless, even after all that they have done for our country. This is not what this was meant for and I believe we are abusing our right of free speech. Our veterans did not fight these wars for us to bring another war out of something won. That is what we are leading to. Another war all because we don’t know how to use our valuable prizes.
On July 28th, 1914, the first war was brought to our world. All because of an assassination. At this time, we thought the only resolution was war and that war would save us. Among the years, we have bounced between different war periods and times where people just want peace. There is a time that we need to fight for our rights and stand up, but there is also a time where we need to stand down and just deal with what is going on. Because of our veterans, most of the world has been living in peace because our soldiers fight the wars for us and there is so much thanks in the world for that. It is so very wrong that there are veterans out there that are homeless or are even struggling to get food. Not to mention all of the medical bills because of former injuries while serving our country. There is no reason they should have to worry about the cost of an injury that happened when they were serving our
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