Persuasive Speech On Video Games

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Do you like to play video games and be able to play them in school?
I believe Video games are beneficial for students in the classroom and home. Using video games in schools or higher institutions can help build teamwork, foster decisions, critical and strategic skills useful in schools, work and life.
Who remembers Super Mario brothers? Well, According to Guinness Record, Super Mario Bros is Nintendo’s best-selling game. My experience with video games growing up is that I remember playing Super Mario and Tetris with my cousins. Every time I played, I felt an adrenaline rush due to the excitement, so, I became competitive, and was always looking for a challenge. We would stay up late whenever we get can our gaming in, while our parents were asleep. I even fought with my cousins for hogging up the controllers, but in the long run, I learned to be patient and strategize against other players such as my cousins.

Today, I will discuss why video games should be part of a class curriculum, and how it benefits students struggling academically.

There are many students struggling in schools, but without an engaging and fun outlet that promotes learning, these students eventually stop going to class or end up failing, therefore, this poses a problem with the future of learning.

There is a lack of student motivation, and lack of attendance in schools. There are options for students who have not responded well to traditional methods.
There are many factors that contribute
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