Persuasive Speech On Volunteering At The United States

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Me to We”

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that volunteering in service to others will make them (the audience) happier and healthier people.

Central Idea: We are part of the Millennial Generation, known as the “Me Generation”, and I want to encourage you to recognize our tendency to be self-focused, to step out to help others through volunteerism, and to recognize the benefits of volunteering in your life.


“Millennials” is a term referring to people born in the United States after 1982. That would be all of us! I do not mind being called a Millennial, but I have a problem with the other term that is often associated with us – the “Me Generation”. Many people view us as the young folks who put their own needs first and focus on feeling good about ourselves. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that there is anything wrong with looking out for our own best interests and doing things that make us happy. What a miserable existence it would be to live a self-destructive lifestyle or one of never finding happiness in our lives! No! What I would like for us to think about for the next few minutes is how we can incorporate helping others in our quest for our own happiness. I want to explore the possibility that in volunteering, we can find true happiness and change the perception that we possess only self-involved qualities. Listen to what one “Millennial”, Paul Loughran, student at Queens University Belfast, had to say on volunteering: “Without
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