Persuasive Speech On War

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War is a topic plenty have a hard time talking about it or even comprehending the idea of war in the first place. It is part of the human condition of conquering and controlling whatever we feel is rightfully ours, despite the consequences that come with that certain type of impulse. Millions have died over the causes for territory, religion, independence, equality, etc; but that begs the question: should we even feel guilty over viewing or even being the cause of these deaths in the first place? When you are even inadvertently responsible for killing someone or if you only think so then of course you would feel guilty for killing someone either on or not on purpose. It is hard to cope with the fact that there is one less soul on this planet because of your actions and perhaps one of, if not the worst feelings on Earth. However, in war, you are not the only one. In battle you have a job to due which is making the ‘enemy’ surrender in order to support the cause you are fighting for. You have signed up to due this in the first place, so why not go through with the deal you have made? In fact, by engaging in such bloodshed, you are providing an odd, twisted benefit to our society: population control. By getting out there on the battlefield and eliminating a few soldiers, you are slowing down the process of overpopulation. Face it, we are reaching upwards of 8 billion people on our small planet with its dwindling resources and space and struggle to control ourselves from
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