Persuasive Speech On Year Round School

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Kate Husted
Com 115 H12
September 14, 2017
Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline
General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that CECFC should implement year-round school.
Central Idea: I researched this topic extensively and discovered the benefits of year round school, developed a plan to implement it, as well as reasons why this plan is possible.
Topic Introduction: Refer to attention grabber for topic introduction.
Attention Grabber: Jeremy Bloom is the youngest man in history to make the “U.S. Ski Team, he was national champion while still in high school and world champion and Olympian at age 19 (Pullen, 2015). He nearly missed medaling in the Olympics. I wonder what he might
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Credibility: I researched this topic extensively and discovered substantial benefits of year round school, customized a plan to implement it based on prior successes, and documented the reasons why this plan is possible and promising for CECFC.
Preview Main Points: Refer to Central Idea and Credibility for thesis statement.
TRANSITION: Refer to Central Idea.
Main Point 1: Why is this policy necessary?
A. Optimize use of school funding money (in other words taxes).
B. Better utilize school property throughout the year (NEA, 2017).
C. Allow teachers to work additional terms annually and earn more income if desired.
D. Two short breaks annually (plus holidays) versus one long break reduces “brain drain” (Huebner, 2017).
E. Provide flexibility for students who benefit from non-traditional vacation schedules.
i. Like Jeremy Bloom in March. ii. Abby the aspiring accountant in April. iii. Or Dustin the Disney intern working at Disney world during holiday rush.
F. Spread demand for vacation accommodations and activities.
G. Provide students with learning opportunities beyond the traditional school year.
H. Allow more students to attend the school overall (higher enrollment) year-round.
TRANSITION: Achieving all of these advantages requires an action plan.
Main Point 2: What is my plan?
A. Divide the student body into three approximately equally sized groups, called tracks.
i. Enrollment for students in each cycle will be done

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