Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

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After we got everything situated for the strip club, Grip said he had to go take care of some stuff and left. Death looks at me "wanna grab some dinner with me?" I was starving, so why the hell not. We headed out in separate vehicles ' towards the pizza parlor, Death walked up to my truck, when I parked, opening my door for me. As we walked towards the building "you know you are going to be getting looks because you 're with a D.C. member right?" I smiled at him, "I don 't care, I 'm used to being looked at like I 'm crazy, so it doesn 't matter to me." He laughed "I highly doubt they are looking at you like you 're crazy. Checking you out most definitely. I noticed you have a Smoking Guns claim, how did you end up with the Fires of…show more content…
I got a text telling me Tim had my sketches done. I hurriedly got dressed and ran out of the clubhouse, headed to the Chopper shop. "Tim, I 'm here." I yelled into his office. I heard him laughing "ok Leather, back here hun." I walked to the back of his office. He showed me the sketches and they were exactly what I wanted. He told me he would have it ready in four weeks. I was so excited. I decided after leaving Tim that I wanted to go to a park, just to chill out. I found one, parked, got out and found a bench. I sat for hours watching the families and little kids running around making me miss my family so badly. I could feel myself slipping into depression. I went back to the clubhouse, trying to make my way back to my room, but there was a full blown party going on. I looked over to see Death sitting in the corner by himself, making my way towards him for some reason. He smiled and patted the chair next to him, so I took a seat. We talked for a few hours before I called it a night. I hadn 't been a sleep for long before I heard a knock on my door, getting up and throwing my robe on. Standing at my door was Grip. "Hey, you okay? You looked kind of depressed when you first came in, I was busy or I would have checked on you then." I looked down, "yeah, I 'm fine. Nothing to worry about. Look, I 'm really tired, talk to you later?" He grunted "yeah whatever. Don 't worry, I won 't bother

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