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I woke up with my eyes shooting open, and my heart pounding as if my body just stopped moving completely. The yelling came right through the walls, and familiar voices rising above the sacred silence. As I went to go investigate, I opened my door only to see my father and brother in a heated argument, ready to fight. The explicit language coming out from my father’s voice frightened me because I knew what was going to happen next. My father threw the first punch, knocking down my brother to the floor. I stood there frozen, trying to understand why this all started. They fight endlessly, while my mother desperately tries to break them apart with tears running down her face. I feel like running, but where to? The thoughts of fear looped…show more content…
I needed an escape route. Somewhere that I could go to forget about the looming darkness surrounding me every time I came home. I got an amazing opportunity to join the Grassroots Leadership Development Program. GLDP is a leadership program for high school students with a Hispanic background, to get to know more about what’s going on in our community, and develop ways to make us better leaders. I knew I was taking a huge step for myself, and coming out from where I was hiding. Through this program, I was able to go to a three day conference in Chicago, hosted by the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, where I changed my perspective of how I was dealing with my situation. I knew after graduating from GDLP, I learned the skills to become a good leader. I met a great speaker who was really inspirational and his speech really helped me create a new mindset in my head. I have experienced being a leader through playing on the Bryan High girls soccer team as a team captain, being a part of groups for class presentations, and being a youth leader in my church. This is my predominant strength I have been building on more and more each day. Some of my valuable leadership traits that I obtained and strengthened are: How to be a good team player, a better listener, and being a great public speaker. Even though I have gained these skills, I continue to grow and learn, in order to become more assertive, disciplined, and hard working. I remember giving a speech in

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