Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

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something. I stool in front of their door room and heard they was talking about the draw was open and somebody took the money. I was shaking, I thought I’m done, my parents was going to kill me if they know that I took that money. Suddenly, my grandpa put his hand on my shoulder and opened my parent door room. He said: (4) “I took that money to pay for gas and electric this month.” He took my breath away, I did not know how he knew that I took the money and he stood up for me. I was so embarrassed that I could not say thank to my grandpa for stood up for me. And I swear with myself I wont make that mistake ever never again. From the bottom of my heart I’m appreciate the entire thing that my grandpa did for me, but now I won’t never have a…show more content…
The second weird thing is, my grandma had Alzheimer. She couldn’t remember anything, we called it was old people sickness. However, at that night she is the one who know my grandpa was passed away. She ran to second floor and knocked my parents door. She said: (6) “ Bong, Bong, come down and check on your father, I think he die!” She called my mom to came down and check on grandpa, and she seems normal. Grandma was crying when she was telling my parents that grandpa was pass away. My parents came down stair right the way when they heard. Grandma stayed in my room, when I hold her I knew she was shaking. After couple hours, we came down stair, grandma was acting like she has Alzheimer again, and she didn’t know what happened. She asked to take her home, because this house have somebody death. All manners of grief were shown; from stoic solemnity to weeping, crying, sobbing and screaming. The only thing not acceptable would have been laughing. We bathed grandpa’s body and dressed him in his best outfit. Much love and care was put into making him look presentable. This provided another chance for us to say goodbye. Grandpa was left lying in state at home for several hours to wait for an auspicious time and for the other close friends and relatives to arrive. My family took turns keeping a vigil over the body at all times. An altar was set with a photograph, candles, and incense. All relatives and friends who came to pay their respects
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