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“Have you ever noticed when something goes horribly wrong there is someone offering tea and sympathy?” I was standing in the kitchen; hand on the faucet, when the phone started ringing. A sense of dread passed through me. No one called my house at this hour of the morning before I had coffee and cleared the fog from my mind. Time froze, as I heard my husband say hello, I thought this is going to be a long and bad Monday. I hated Mondays. I heard him say, “Hello, this better be good” and then there was quiet, I’ll tell her, one of us will call you back in a few minutes.” I could hear the clock ticking, the water running, and the birds outside the window chirping their happiness at being alive. I knew that my happiness was about to be…show more content…
No biscuits, no jam, and cream there was nothing but a gaping chasm. Her soft English accent, after a lifetime in America, was now quiet forever. “Tea,” she often said is what helped her survive World War II. While everything was going wrong in the world around them, the Brits had tea to give them a sense of normalcy. I often thought she was a bit crazy having lived through the blitz. It must have made her a “bit daft” as she would always say. Nothing could keep a Brit from their tea. It is how she met my grandfather. The American pilot that would bring her to the states as his bride. Grandma always called him “that bloody yank” when she was aggravated by him. He never took no for an answer without a lot of convincing. The story of their meeting was not that of a fairy tale, the princess being swept off her feet by Prince Charming. My grandmother was a Women’s Service Volunteer. She drove a tea canteen van. She went around serving tea and snacks to the soldiers and rescue workers during the war. She was a young woman only 18 in 1938, barely out of finishing school when the call came for women to volunteer to support the military and the public to prepare in case of air raids. It was not glamorous like they show in the movies and on TV. As the war progressed and the bombings started, it was horrifying. She told stories of her friends and loved ones who lost their homes, their jobs, and some of them their lives. Grandmother
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