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Have you ever noticed when something goes horribly wrong there is someone offering tea and sympathy?
I was standing in the kitchen; hand on the faucet, when the phone started ringing. A sense of dread passed through me. No one called my house at this hour of the morning before I had coffee and cleared the fog from my mind. Time froze, as I heard my husband say hello, I thought this is going to be a long and bad Monday. I hated Mondays. I heard him say, “I’ll tell her, one of us will call you back in a few minutes”.
I could hear the clock ticking, the water running, and the birds outside the window chirping their happiness at being alive. I knew that my happiness was about to be interrupted. I turned off the water and sat down the coffee pot. I heard him come into the kitchen, this harbinger of bad news, his hair black as a raven’s. I thought if I do not turn around, I wouldn’t hear what he is saying. He can’t tell me if I am not facing him. I reached to pick up the coffee pot again in the back of my mind; I could hear my voice saying, “don’t look at him it can’t happen if you don’t look at him.”
“Lynnie, come sit down,” he said gently as he took the glass carafe from my hand. Sitting it down on the counter and taking me by the hand he led me to the kitchen table. I do not remember what he said next, now years later, I still cannot remember what he said. My grandmother was dead, there was no one to put the kettle on and make me a comforting cup of tea. No biscuits, no jam,

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