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Title: What’s In Your Glass? Topic: The Opposition of Artificial Intelligence Method of organization: Refutative Specific Purpose: My specific purpose of this speech is to encourage those who oppose artificial intelligence to see the good that can be done with this technology. Thesis: In this presentation I hope to explain the opposition that artificial intelligence faces, show examples of successful uses of AI, and challenge those opposed to this technology to consider a change of position. Introduction: I’m sure that most of you have seen the movie I, Robot, or perhaps The Matrix. Both are very popular movies and both contain an antagonist in the form of an artificial intelligence system that sees destruction and…show more content…
Both projects sound like they can have a positive effect in the field of medicine right? i.) Both of these projects are employing the use of AI to sort and link data. b.) Another example comes from the financial giant American Express Co., where AI is used to monitor for fraudulent activities. i.) According to Vernon Marshall, who is American Express’s Functional Risk Officer, the company’s “machine learning models help protect $1 trillion in charge volume every year, making decisions in less than 2 milliseconds.”(Clark, 2014) Can you imagine trying to keep all of that information current by other means? III. We can see that artificial intelligence can have many beneficial applications, from healthcare advancement to financial security. But why should you take the stance of supporting the development of artificial intelligence? a.) We have a moral obligation to each other to help society improve itself. Specifically, if we can help one person better their situation through the use of artificial intelligence then why wouldn’t we? What if it benefited you? i.) Remember, companies are already using AI to help solve problems in healthcare. Imagine being told you are suffering from a terminal condition and the only way to cure it is to use research derived from the use of AI. Would you

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