Persuasive Speech Outline For Research Paper

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Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Advantages of Video Games. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience members about the benefits of gaming and other positives aspects that are attributed to video games. Thesis Statement: Through the media, video games are portrayed as malicious and corrupting to the player's mind, however, there are various benefits when it comes to gaming. Introduction What advantages do video games provide for the player’s health? How can video games affect an individual’s cognitive ability? Although people frown upon videogames, moderation and limitation are paramount for the enjoyability of video games and prevention of these negative repercussions. Transition: What are the benefits of gaming? Body: Video Games…show more content…
Even a first-person shooter requires a good deal of critical thinking and strategy, rather than just “aim and shoot.” The skills polished by playing games can actually translate well into the real world as well.” (Samuel Becker, 5 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games). Transition: So what are the cognitive benefits of video games? II. A. Video games improve cognitive attention and vigilance. Green & Bavelier (2012) found that action video gaming improved performance on the ability to locate, quickly, a target stimulus in a field of distractors, a test that has been found to be a good predictor of driving ability. B. Video games are also recognized to improve multitasking and mental function. Increased mental flexibility. A number of researchers have shown that experience with action video games improve people’s abilities to switch rapidly and without error between tasks that have conflicting demands ((Anderson et al, 2010; Green et al, 2012; Colzato et al, 2014). Transition: Although video games offer many beneficial health effects, there’s also a few negative health repercussions. III. Video games can pose a negative effect on an individual. Video games can lead to addiction. Addiction in videogames are common and can lead to
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