Persuasive Speech

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One day, I was at school my mom came to pick me up from school early I thought I had a doctor appointment. We were walking out and my mom, she looks at me and I was like WHAT!!!!!!!! She like I got to tell you something, but you promise me that you won´t cry I was like I promise. We got into the car and my mom was like your dad got deported. I was speechless, shock and I started tearing up. The only thing that pops up in my head was about my brother and sister what are we going to do now? How are they going to take it when my mom tells them? We got home and I asked my mom when is she telling my brother and sister that my dad got deported, she like whenever we sit down and eat dinner. We sat down at the table to eat dinner and everything got quiet my mom was like Gabby and David I got something to tell y'all. My mom finally told my brother and sister they started tearing up and brother was like you are lying to me, I was like David we ain't lying we telling the truth and he went running to his room. That same day my mom had to go back to work and we couldn't stay alone at home, so we went to work with her. We had to stay there until 1 in the morning that's the time my mom got out of work.We had no support from my dad family the only support we had was my mom's brother Nando and one of my dad's family in Memphis. My mom's brother, he goes to work at 9 pm and gets out at 8 am and he came here to see us if everything okay. He would wash our clothes when my mom would be working.

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