Persuasive Speech

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Surveillance has become a great part of modern life because of the advancements in technology. Cameras on phones are forms of surveillance, which major companies have abused in the process of selling products. Companies have quickly jumped on the train of surveillance to make more money by holding and selling the data recorded. One of these sensitive areas is that of licence plate scanners, which read and record licence plate numbers. The scanners are usually used by law enforcement and repo agencies but other companies have used the scanners as a form of income. In order to persuade readers to act against or for a cause, the writer must use several techniques in his or her writing. The articles written by RT and In These Times implement techniques which target the audience by using ethos, pathos, and logos to address such controversial topic as is surveillance. By discussing the potential abuse of the First Amendment right through the use of scanners, the article written by In These Times, uses ethos as a technique to persuade the readers. The author of In These Times, purposeful uses specific words to cause the reader to think more seriously about the topic and how it may affect the reader itself. When the author uses tone correctly to address a topic, the readers are affected. The reader's perspective of the authors claim depends upon the writer's use of style. In this article the author uses rhetorical strategies which include the First Amendment to influence the

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