Persuasive Speech : Problem Cause Solution

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Persuasive Speech Outline

Carolyn Strickland
COMS 101—Section B08
September 28, 2015

Organization: Problem-Cause-Solution

Audience analysis: The audience consists of three of the adult teachers, one male and two females, from my Sunday school class at Pleasant Hill Christian Church.

Topic: The problem I aim to address is that of the lifelong scars that affect a victim of child sexual abuse; and how it hinders one from seeking God for healing and understanding according to Scripture.

Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience about the intense emotional secrecy resulting from childhood sexual abuse, and to persuade them that as teachers of God’s word they should be prepared to expect the unexpected while providing non-judgmental support and guidance to the victims working through issues of trust, intimacy and identity while seeking a personal relationship with Christ.

Redemptive Purpose: For a number of reasons, most sexually abused children never share “the secret” of their abuse that is most often committed by someone the child knows. Therefore, crippling their lives is the loss of self-worth, overwhelmed with shame, and fearful of developing relationships that prevents them from experiencing life as God intended throughout Scripture. The solution I propose is to understand how God sees the problem while providing a safe atmosphere while share Christ-like love and compassion enabling the victims to break the power of the secret and live for Christ.
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