Persuasive Speech : Psy 210

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Kathryn Aukerman
PSY 210

There has been a growing concern for whether and when praise is a more helpful or harmful strategy in motivating people. In recent years there have been many studies performed in order to further our knowledge. There are many factors that attribute to whether or not praise can motivate people. The type of praise greatly effects whether that praise can be helpful or harmful to a person’s motivation. Numerous studies show that verbal feedback/appraisal has a more positive effect on internal motivation than tangible praises. For instance, a study preformed on preschool children who had preexisting motivation for coloring/drawing were separated into four groups (Anderson,
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Finally, the specific attribute of someone we praise contributes to their internal motivation as well. A study performed either praised students for their intelligence or their effort. Children praised for intelligence cared less about learning and had less task persistence and performance. Those who were praised for their effort cared more about learning, and showed more motivation. This experiment showed that praise for intelligence has more negative outcomes than positive (Mueller and Dweck, 1998). Another study tested if both criticism and praise on ones traits contributed to contingent worth. Participants were given one of three types of praise or criticism. Those receiving person-focused praise or criticism were more negative and helpless which created a sense of contingent self-worth and vulnerability (Kamins and Dweck, 1999). In conclusion, if praise is manipulated it can increase a person’s internal motivation. For example, using positive or negative verbal praise instead of tangible praises increases motivation. Praising effort over intelligence increases internal motivation. The type of praise and trait praised determines an individual’s motivation.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Experimental Designs
Using experimental designs in examining whether praise can increase or decrease a person’s motivation have many positive

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