Persuasive Speech: Self-Driving Cars Are Good

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Leonides Sandoval Speech 100 Self Driving Cars Are Good Hi I am Leo and today I will be talking to you about how self driving cars are good. Attention-getter: How can you get the audience’s attention?: Did you know 1.3 million people die from car crashes every year, thats over 3,000 people every day, so in one year of fatalities is the equivilant of: La Habra, Fullerton, Brea, Anaheim, Buena Parks, and surrounding cities populations just dissaperaing. Thesis: What is the central idea of your speech?: Altough there is no 100% way to stop car accidents, self drivin cars can reduce these numbers greatly and prevent further loss of loved ones, and eventually benifit everyone. Preview: What 3 points will you be talking about?: Today I will be letting…show more content…
Transtion: Now that you realize how safe a self driving care really is I will talk about how they can benifit you or someone you know. Body Main Point #2: Self driving cars can help anyone in multiple ways even if you do not own one yourself they can help reduce acidents by keeping fewer drunk drivers off the streets, they can help older people with bad vision get hime safely, and it cam help you if you are tired. With people constantly drinking and driving causes a major risk in accident increase, and with most people afraid to call a taxi or uber with the risk of noe knowing what the driver might do especially with young females, Uber is going along with the self driving and creating cars that can pick up and drop off people without a driver. This can reduce accidents and risk of unwanted attention from people seeking bad things. We all have someone elderly we know weather it is a grandma, grandpa, ect. as they get older their vision gets worse and worse, making the danger of them getting into an accident at a greater risk, if they can be in a self driving car were all they have to do is say or type in where they want to go they can ensure the safety of them and others on the…show more content…
Being half awake while driving is not a bright idea but it doesent stop people from doing it anyways, but being completely asleep in a self driving car is perfectly safe as the car takes you home without the risk of you falling asleep behind the wheel. Transition: Their are many more benifits to self driving cars but will everyone get to afford one? Body Main Point #3: With cars always improving in style and technology people are spending more money on cars to have the best of the best. With the inovations at Tesla they were able to come out with the cheapest self driving car yet starting at only $35,000 with only a $1000 down payement, the veichiles are set to release in 2017. With the average cost of a new car in the United States costing around $35,000 it would be the same price to purchase a self driving care as a normal car. All self driving cars are electric and will save tons of money on gas and with so many charging stations around the world already with free charging, it is just a

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