Persuasive Speech : Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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General purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade the audience that marijuana should be legalized in all states. INTRODUCTION Attention Step: Imagine being a person who is in agonizing pain day after day and there was not one medicine that was helping you. Feeling helpless everyday of your life but knowing that there was one treatment that you haven 't tried and has been proven to be effective but it is illegal in the state you reside in. Relevance to Audience: What if every person in the United States had access to a medicine that could take away the chronic pain with minimal side effects? Marijuana is that drug,and it should be categorized as an alternative form of treatment. Credibility material: If I had a…show more content…
. II. Satisfaction Step: Medical marijuana has been proven to be more successful than some more traditional treatments ..[Wallace] A. We need to petition to pass legislature that legalizes marijuana for patients that need it. B. If treatment is available, patients will not have to purchase marijuana illegally. C. To say that legalizing marijuana will open the door for everyone to use “pot” and overdose is simply untrue. 1.“ Over twenty thousand people died from overdosing on prescription pain killers in 2015. There has never been reported cases of marijuana overdoses. [ ASAM American Society of Addiction Medicine ] Transition There is a huge need for alternative ways to provide comfort for patients that have adverse Bateman 3 reactions with traditional medicines, and it 's not like they are unavailable, they are illegal. III. Visualization Step: The objective of legalizing marijuana is to help people live their lives as pain free as possible without having to suffer with the side effects from traditional medicine. A. If medical marijuana is passed in every state, it will be subject to any medicine and will be prescribed by a doctor and regulated by the government. B. It will be more cost effective than traditional pain medicines. C. As with any drug (legal or not) it should be used responsibly. Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery. Doing so

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