Persuasive Speech : Speech Outline

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Elmer Lombana Jr.
Dr. Shane Gunderson
SPC 2608
November 6, 2015
Persuasive Speech Outline
General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to contact Florida Department of Education to incorporate Personal Finance courses in high schools.

Thesis: Instead of teaching children in schools non-vital skills like sewing and baking, Personal Finance should be taught in Home Economics or as a curriculum during a summer semester if not fulfilled with aforementioned elective.

I. The Attention Step
A. How important is money to you? Can you imagine yourself not knowing what’s in your bank account, or how much of your income is used to pay for your mistakes?
B. Surprisingly enough, According to Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy, “only 26% of 13-21 year olds said their parents taught them how to manage money.” (Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy)
C. Our children are our future. If we prepare them with the right tools and knowledge to be financial ready in the real world, then we can make a big impact in their lives.
D. I’ve been in banking for almost ten years. I’ve been astonished by the number student’s entering college who have very little knowledge about banking let alone finance when they came in to open an account.

E. Schools needs to reconsider their curriculum and start teaching students real life lessons, such as Personal Finance.

F. I’m going to talk about the reasons why Personal Finance course is important for kids in school.

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