Persuasive Speech : Sports Is A Huge Thing That Mean A Good Than Harm?

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Onsite audience

Sports is a huge thing that mean a lot for people all over the countries because of the entertainment which is provided to them by it. The sport has no meaning without the fans and spectators which they come and watch the sport onsite, they are like the soulmate they complete each other. The debate that has been found here was about “do onsite audience do more good than harm?”. There was two opinions that have been raised here, one opinion with the spectators while other opinion against the spectators. Who are against claim that spectators onsite do a lot of violence acts and they are huge danger on players because, they stress players while playing. On the contrary the other opinion say that the spectators do a lot for sports as they give spirit for players and also enhance the economy of a lot of team sports, the upcoming lines will show how sensible that why the second opinion is more true and valid.

Nowadays the concept of spectating in sports is a part of the game, there is no meaning for sports without audience and fans. It has been known that the football has the most audience among all other sports, most of people love football and watch it frequently. There is a lot of other spectator sports like volleyball, hand ball , rugby , ice hokey and a lot of other spectator sports but football is the most watched sport and have most fans among these sports. Usually the football sport have most number of onsite spectators or audience due…

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