Persuasive Speech: The Beauty Of Diet Drinks

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You’ve probably seen loads of advertisements on T.V and social media about diet shakes that claim to move you down a few sizes in a matter of weeks. Is it true? If it is, how best can you utilize each serving so as to get maximum benefits? First and foremost let me inform you that one shoe doesn’t fit all, therefore, find out what your body needs, and then feed it what it requires by following the guidelines below: • Ensure your protein levels are either more than or equal to the carbohydrate amounts in your shake. • To get the nutritional benefits equivalent to a meal, ensure your shake contains minerals, dietary fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins necessary for your body. • Use organic, fresh vegetables and fruits as often as possible. • …show more content…

It’s true it doesn’t always have to be store-bought. After all, if you are like me, you will easily get bored by having the same thing over and over again. So what do you do? You spice things up by introducing new flavors to your shakes so that you are able to follow up on your weight loss goals. In short, you must allow your creative side to spring into action so that your dieting plan becomes one to look forward to. Whether store bought or home-made, diet shakes can always be manipulated to suit your taste buds. Besides helping you lose weight, they can help detox the body, improve bowel movements and last but not least, keep you hydrated. Recipes using fresh ingredients Below are some ingenious recipes that are sure to bring the dazzle and sparkle to your fitness journey, so that you can join others just like you as they sip their way to

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