Persuasive Speech : The Dangers Of School Uniforms In Schools

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"All the kids have designer names and we haven't," she said. "We stick out and we're picked on. Look at these crap runners I'm wearing. My ma can't afford to get me the right ones, and it's terrible when you can't afford the right ones. You have no choice but we couldn't afford it so I was the one that got picked on. I would rather commit suicide than go back to that school" (Haughey). People often say uniforms do not allow children to express themselves, or not every parent can afford to purchase a uniform. But many would be saving money if they just purchased a uniform for the school year. Students should wear uniforms not only to prevent bullying, but to feel a sense of belonging to their school. Uniforms have been said to cause bullying although that is not the case. Students do not have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. Everyone will be wearing the same thing so students don’t feel obligated to have to wear nice and or expensive clothes. Potential bullies have one less target for their insults; it is hard to make fun of someone else’s clothes when someone is wearing the same thing. Roughly 160,000 children in America miss school daily due to fear of intimidation and being attacked by other students. Uniforms also teach students to dress smartly and take pride in what they are wearing. A english teacher Claire Howlett says: “Uniforms help students to prepare for when they leave school and may have to dress smartly or wear a uniform” (What’s the Point). Dressing smartly can also be expensive but not as expensive as you may think. People do not want public school to switch to uniforms because they feel as if they can’t afford it. On average, a family with a school aged child will spend up to $638.36 on school clothes for the year. The biggest chunk of back to school budgets go to clothes which 93% of families buy. About 10 percent of children help with these back-to-school expenses, but only contribute roughly $82 total (white). According to a 2013 survey from the national association of elementary school principals, 77 percent of parents of respondents spent only $150 on a uniform for the whole school year. Turning back to that last survey, 86 percent of parents believe

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