Persuasive Speech : The Experience Of A Cattle Cleaner

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There are 365 days in a year...There are 60 seconds in a minute...But there are only 10 minutes to win or lose what you have worked for all year. The pressure is on. Two hundred or more people stareing with the intent of trying to find how hard you worked for thoses couple of minutes….just a couple of minutes to prove that you have worked hard to be here and you deserve to be here...This is what champions live for...10 mins to make it or break it… I love these things i am a cattle shower. I have been showing cattle for 8 years now. It means alot to call myself a cattle shower because i have worked very hard for that title cattle shower. I am a first generation cattle shower, so you can say i started from the bottom to where i am now. None of my family have ever showed before me and my brother, he only showed one year but he was the one that got me into the fair and showing. I had to be in a club to show cattle so i joined 4-h and that has been A ever big part in my life because i could never have done the fair without 4-h. Over the years i have learned from other people how to train a cow but every shower has there own way that works for them so i had a lot of help and i lot of different ideas of how to train your cow. From all the help i got from other showers i started to making my own way the way i liked to train my cow it took me a couple of years then i had my training process. Training is a very big part in how well you do at the show.
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