Persuasive Writing : An Inexperienced Researcher

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Research is different from other forms of persuasive writing in that it relies on facts that have been acknowledged by the individual’s peers as truths regardless of what they believe in. When writing a research paper, your peers must be able to understand your reasoning that can be supported by varied forms of data such as figures, tables, images, etc. Your success is dependent on allowing your peers to validate your reasoning, and you being able to evaluate your findings. A researcher’s ability to describe their project in one sentence can be used to determine how experienced they are. An inexperienced researcher starts with a simple topic that does not question or state specifically what the project is about. This results in a report…show more content…
In academics, conceptual questions are the most common, and in occupations, the most common questions are practical. Conceptual questions help readers by informing them more clearly of what their research topic is. When conceptual questions are answered, the reader better understands the subject and is able to reevaluate their thinking so they can theorize the topic in their own words. Researchers that work in the field of social or natural sciences tend to ask conceptual questions. Practical questions indicate what readers should do to improve or fix a situation. For example, practical questions can be used to prevent risks from occurring. A person may refer to an instructional manual when they have car trouble to determine what is specifically wrong with their car, and how they can fix the issue. Researchers that work in business, health care, and engineering tend to ask practical questions. Applied questions are quasi-conceptual and quasi-practical. These questions require researchers to increase their knowledge by reading other papers to solve a problem or issue. This does not offer a solution, but it helps to reach there. Researchers in business, engineering, medicine and the government try to understand and obtain as much knowledge as they can before trying to solve an issue. Research is not as straightforward as one may think. There are five requirements to
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