Persuassive Speech on Spanking Children Essay

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Amber Brandys
31 July 2012
Sylvester S121
Persuasive Speech

Disciplining Children: Spanking?


You hear more and more every day about a mother or a father accidentally killing their child for a small misbehavior. This is becoming more and more of a problem. Parenting children is a very difficult task, one of the most challenging things anyone will ever encounter.
The reason I want to talk to you today about the proper ways of disciplining children is because a lot of people do not realize the harm in spanking young children or even yelling at them. I will first discuss what we, as parents, can do to deal with a misbehaved child, and then why resulting in spanking a child is more harmful mentally to a
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Different variations of spanking of course can lead to more serious problems as adults. Something not as serious as Schizophrenia would be like depression, anxiety disorders, and paranoia. Castelloe also states in her article that “some studies suggest a connection between the physical punishment of children and the behavior involved in some criminal assaults.” I have a clip of what has just been reported this month on the 18th in the state of Massachusetts. As parents we want our children to grow up respectful, successful, carefree, we want to set them down the right path so they do not have it as hard as we have.

C. Spanking is a hypocrisy. You may tell your child something like “Do not hit your sister” then turn around and spank their bottoms because they hit. How does that make any sense? You hit teaches your children it is “ok” to hit. You probably also heard your mother or father say to you, your just like your mother or your just like your father. Well why do you think that is? As children we pick up what they do, if they spank or “hit” us why wouldn't we think that it would be “ok” to hit? Spanking is a Hypocrisy something I know as parents you do not want to teach your children.


As a mother myself I have spanked my children but after reading what I have read on the harmful
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