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     When watching college athletes participating in their sports, does it ever cross one’s mind that the athletes getting paid? “The NCAA establishes rules and regulations for universities to follow and one of the most important rules is that student athletes should not receive any money with the exception of scholarships towards their tuition and housing” (Winn). In 1999, the Chronicle of Higher Education surveyed atheletes’ statistics on “graduation rates for scholarship college athletes in the NCAA’s top Division I.” Fifty-one percent of football players and 41 percent of male basketball players graduated in six years (Meggyesy). NCAA Chief Operating Officer Dan Boggan stated; “before the eligibility …show more content…
Nobody made a big deal out of Tiger Woods, leaving Stanford early to begin his career in golf. Another athlete, Kobe Bryant, who plays for the L.A. Lakers, went straight out of high school to the NBA.

     The typical high school/college athlete is distracted by all the glitter of things and money that schools are offering to the athlete rather than being consured about the education the schools can offer. Let’s say an athlete named Edward Thomas is rated number one in the nation in high school basketball. He has every big time college (university) wanting him badly, even a couple of NBA scouts are checking him out. Thomas even has a couple of highlights on Sports Center already. Now he has it in his head he can go straight to the league in the pros and get paid and finish school later. Thomas thinks that he can go to college for two years to develop better skills, and then he would stack up his paper by playing the pros, making $100,000 a year without a college degree.

     Not too long ago Michigan University was caught for paying their athletes. This incident happened ten years ago, and finally the University got caught . Ed Martin was the head men’s basketball coach at U of M. Martin was caught paying his players to play for him and win a championship. After they won many championships, he was fired because the school found out what he was doing. But the NCAA found out about it, and

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